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Brotherhood Spreads on Wings of Hope

A non-profit privately supported and operated air-transportation and radio communications service to isolated peoples in need in remote parts of the world

My Dear Friend:

The present letter is to thank you for the services provided to my person in the worst moments of my life. We must say that the Plane, supported by Wings of Hope and piloted by Padre Guy Gervais, saved my life.

I suffered with a bite of a venomous snake of which nearly everybody dies. Being away from any help (more than a week in motor boat), i.e. from Iquitos. In our district, we have Padre Marien Gagnon, a real dedicated Franciscan. He contacted the pilot of Wings of Hope, and Padre Gervais flew me without delay to Iquitos Hospital, in time to receive the necessary cares and save my life.

I know, my case is one of the numerous emergencies of Wings of Hope in the Amazon Basin. For me, it is a demonstration of love impulsed by the Spirit of St. Louis, without any remuneration, but only to help a fellowman less fortunate.

I express to you and to those who are making available the help of Wings of Hope, my most sincere and deepest gratitude.

Truly yours,
Gaston Ramos Rivadeneyra

Mr . William D. Edwards
Wings of Hope, Inc.
2319 Hampton Avenue
Suite 105
St. Louis, Missouri 63139

Dear Mr. Edwards:

Thank you very much for your kind wishes on the success of Apollo 11 prior to its launch in July. We now believe that the accomplishments of the flight which you wished for were achieved.

I certainly want to send my congratulations on your efforts on behalf of Wings of Hope. I am certain that this valuable project is achieving brotherhood between nations in a way that cannot be accomplished by diplomacy or government aid programs. As an aviator, I sincerely salute this fine service as being one of the best achievements of the combination of general aircraft and dedicated individuals of good will.


Neil A. Armstrong



WINGS OF HOPE is a charitable, non-profit corporation formed to help furnish a modern type of transportation and communication service vitally needed in isolated areas. It assists various qualified efforts to provide suitable aircraft and radio facilities for the support of private medical, missionary, social, educational, scientific and other field service groups who appeal for this help.


WINGS OF HOPE is to Those Who Help in the Field … A quickening of their energy and efficiency. It provides new hope and encouragement and resourcefulness. It heightens the joy of more effective dedicated service to their fellow man in need.

WINGS OF HOPE is to You … An efficient modern means to help “the least of the brethern” … the “low man on the totem pole” … in some of the world’s remotest places – Immediately – without red tape!

Kindly accept our sincere invitation to join with us in this great experience of “people-to-aircraft-to-people”. Support WINGS OF HOPE … today!


1. Our chief pilot directs loading of stricken Peruvian for emergency flight to Iquitos Hospital.
2. The Nashville Wing: In the Spring of 1969, the NASHVILLE WING sent this Cessna to the Amazon Jungle. Appearing here are supporters from Nashville, Montreal, St. Louis and Iquitos, Peru.
3. Our radio network links remote medical stations with our plane and the base hospital.

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