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See Original Brochure

WINGS OF HOPE is the most unique humanitarian effort ever organized. We help those who cannot be reached by surface means of travel – total communities tucked away on isolated jungle, desert and mountain terrain. But we’re more than hope or a “shot in the arm” to these men, women and children. We’re a way of life. Our non-profit and non-sectarian aviation and radio service, manned full time, links specialists in education, health and other world humanitarian groups with these thousands of people.

A child in a remote valley beyond the mountain from Wewak, New Guinea, is dying of dysentery.

A man near the Rio Tapiche in the Amazon has been bitten by a deadly poisonous snake.

A woman laboring in childbirth in the Peruvian jungle needs a doctor and the nearest one is twelve days away by boat.

You can help … if you care.

WINGS OF HOPE is an organization that helps people who really need it. Fast. With no red tape.

Did you ever miss a plane?

Would you believe a single engine airplane operating in East African deserts can compress a year’s grueling land travel into two or three weeks of flying time?

Or that deep in the Amazon jungle of South America a light aircraft on floats can carry a native just bitten by a deadly bushmaster snake to a well-staffed hospital in less than an hour while the same trip by boat would take more than two days?

Or that an American-made light twin taking off in the mountain vastness of New Guinea at a 10,000-foot elevation can fly a woman dying in childbirth to a seashore village hospital in 20 minutes and save her life because the only other method of transport would be by mule or Land Rover bouncing over 18 hours on mountain trails?

Flying accomplishments such as these are easily understood by airmen but what grabs even the most seasoned traveler is the tremendous number of these documented human dramas being enacted daily all over the world by flying missionaries and humanitarian groups in modern general aviation airplanes, most of which are made in America.

The three cases listed above are from the records of WINGS OF HOPE, INC., St. Louis-based, aviation-oriented charity. Completely non-denominational, this tax-exempt, interfaith group is especially unique because more than 95 percent of all donated funds have gone entirely to supplying airplanes, technical assistance and the support services that go with them. The organization offers its services to any legitimate humanitarian enterprise regardless of affiliation.

In these days of world turmoil with its background noise of hatred preached against us by our enemies, a breath of fresh, clean air comes drifting through the gloom, straight out of the wilderness where mercy instead of bombs drops from the sky, where life will be a lot better for the least of God’s children because a great nation and industry created and perfected the flying machine also for peaceful and humanitarian uses.

WINGS of HOPE — a challenge to U.S. Aviation

Thanks to occasional publicity in medical, charitable, aero and religious publications and by “jungle telegraph”, word has spread globally that there’s a group of Americans based in St. Louis with the singular mission of relieving human misery through the use of modern airplanes, radio communications and trained personnel.

Hence the ever-growing number of requests from the four corners of the earth which, if even partially satisfied, requires the immediate expansion of the WINGS OF HOPE organization. WINGS OF HOPE is now launching broad solicitation for funds and equipment, with the confident hope that this charity can remain largely an expression of the humanitarian spirit of the U.S.A. with International backing to come later. We are dedicated to the principle of free-enterprise.

The U.S. aviation trade press with the help of two aviation-oriented advertising agencies already have donated time and space to WINGS OF HOPE’S messages of appeal. Various manufacturers have provided both funds and valuable services during the “guinea pig” years of finding the proper methods of operation. Pharmaceutical firms have been generous with drugs and medicine. The WINGS OF HOPE executive staff and board of directors work without pay, without expense accounts. As a result there is a sound, realistic base for the immediate expansion of the organization’s humanitarian efforts.

We invite your direct participation in this truly great human assistance program; the first major non-sectarian aviation-oriented charity ever established. Gifts, bequests, legacies, devises or transfers of property to WINGS OF HOPE are deductible for federal estate and gift tax purposes. WINGS OF HOPE is charitable, non-profit and non-political. We help needy people to help themselves.


Lives are at stake in remote areas of the world. Our on-going aviation and communication service is the vital link to thousands, bringing them services of hospitals, educators, missionaries, health and world aid groups.

Consider our unusual needs … airplanes, new or used … radio equipment … miscellaneous parts, tools, supplies … cash donations.

Imagine your contribution saving people from epidemic, illiteracy, starvation, hopelessness. Your gift may be the greatest contribution you can make to the world … your world.

We can consult with you on the unusual tax-deductible benefits of a gift to WINGS OF HOPE.

Please, send your gift – today! We’re ready to help you help them.

For more information, phone or write – today!
WINGS OF HOPE, INC. – 2319 Hampton Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63139 – Phone: (314) 647-5631


Your participation in the Wings of Hope humanitarian program will make you an important part of our medical rescue flights.

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