UMATT Exec Due In Africa

Date: February 2, 1968
Location: Dayton, OH
Newspaper: Dayton Daily News
Page: 9

Jane Hamilton, vice president of the Dayton-based UMATT “Flying Peace Corps,” leaves for East Africa next week to observe and report on Wings for Peace operations there.

Her reports will be carried in The Daily News, other newspapers and on television. Her six-week trip into the African bush is being sponsored by a grant from Hartefeld Endeavor, Wilmingoton, Del.

United Missions Air Training and Transport Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization which operates light planes for missions of mercy and development in Africa.

Miss Hamilton, a free-lance writer on leave from the University of Dayton’s English department, has been in charge of promotion for the Wings for Peace group. She is also a pilot and has studied and lived in the Orient.

Miss Hamilton said she plans to leave Dayton next Friday. She will meet with UMATT Wings for Peace groups in Dublin, London, Aachen, Rome and Addis Ababa before her scheduled arrival in Nairobi on Feb. 20.

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