Action Line (letters from readers)

Date: February 9, 1968
Location: Miami, FL
Newspaper: The Miami Herald

I am a fully rated commercial pilot interested in donating my services to a religious missionary group. I’ve heard of a group that uses airplanes to fly priests to isolated parishes in Canada and Alaska, and something along that line is just what I am looking for. Can you put me in touch with such a group? – G.A.

Write to Brother Michael Stimac of the United Missions Air Training and Transport – Wings for Peace (usually shortened to UMATT – Wings for Peace). The Catholic group, based at the University of Dayton, Ohio, maintains hospitals and schools in several underdeveloped countries. They have nine airplanes now, with more coming in a few months. You may be just the man that UMATT needs, and Brother Michael has sent you a copy of their publication, “The Dove,” to help you decide whether they’re the kind of group you need.

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