Utahn Returns From Wings of Hope

Date: May 28, 1973
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Newspaper: The Salt Lake Tribune
Page: 28

Living in a remote, jungle village in Guatemala without a priest to perform a marriage nor a doctor to treat the ill pose problems that are being solved by Wings of Hope, Inc., St. Louis, Mo. 63129

The organization uses aircraft to reach persons in the wilds of the world, said Michael Stewart, 1505 E. Emerson Ave. (1485 South), who has returned here after spending six months as a medic and pilot with Wings of Hope in Guatemala.

“We are a nonprofit organization, affiliated with no government or religious group,” he said. “We currently have operations in nine countries. All persons involved are volunteers.”

The basic idea is to provide any service a group of persons need, Mr. Stewart said.

“In Guatemala we were working directly with Zona Reyna Project, a movement to colonize some of the remote jungle lands that are totally undeveloped in that nation,” he said. “Poor persons, mostly Quiche Indians (descendants of the Mayans) are being given land for resettlement.”

Flying hazards there include short and narrow airstrips. “I often had tree limbs in the wheels when I landed,” Mr. Stewart said. “This would greatly excite my passengers.”

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