LeTourneau Class Completes Project

Date: August 17, 1973
Location: Longview, TX
Newspaper: Longview News-Journal
Page: 5

J. C. Harder, aviation instructor for LeTourneau College, and several of his aviation students have been working for the past month on a “Cessna – 185” belonging to Gospel Missionary Union, of Smithville, Ark.

As a class project the students and Harder volunteered to help complete the radioing and wiring of the airplane which will serve as a transporter of the message of Jesus Christ to people in Southeastern Alaska.

Sponsored by the GMU in Alaska and piloted by Stan Love, a moody graduate, the airplane will carry mission and gospel groups in mountainous regions in Alaska that previously have been unaware of the message of the gospel. Darllene Love, Stan’s wife, will co-pilot the plane and serve as a missionary.

Harder brought the “Cessna 185,” a new plane costing approximately $25,000, to Longview from Illinois. King’s Radio, through “Wings of Hope” gave love $14,000 worth of radio equipment, Harder and his students contributed $3,000 in equipment making the total radio equipment worth $17,000, nearly the cost of the airplane itself.

After the donation of the equipment, Harder and his students took on the challenging task of installing and wiring, of which 1,000 feet of wire was used. Installation of the $17,000 in radio equipment took approximately one month.

Before returning to Alaska, Stan and Darllene Love plan to fly to churches and present their ministry in order to raise the $25,000 needed for mission trip. They are scheduled to be back in Alaska by the middle of September ready to begin their Southeastern Alaska Mission adventure.

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