Woman Vice President: Air Peace Corps Names General

Date: August 14, 1967
Location: Dayton, OH
Newspaper: Dayton Daily News
Page: 5

Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. O.F. Lassiter has accepted membership on the board of trustees of UMATT – Dayton-based “flying Peace Corps” operation.

H.E. Ruble, chairman of the UMATT board, announced that Jane Hamilton of Dayton, chairman of the board of Dayton “Women of UMATT,” has been elected vice president of the organization.

UMATT, Inc., charted as a non-profit organization for humanitarian service, is successor to the United Missions Air Training and Transport, Inc.

The organization owns six aircraft and provides free airlift service in six countries of East Africa, serving schools, agricultural cooperatives, medical stations, home crafts enterprises and irrigation projects.

Through funds raised by such groups as “Women for UMATT,” the organization hopes to expand its air fleet to eight planes and to have 30 persons in the field instead of the present 15.

UMATT now serves the countries of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi and Zambia.

Tax exemption for contributions is now being processed. In the interim, the University of Dayton is the tax-exempt recipient for funds designated for UMATT operations.

Ruble, chairman of the organization’s board, is vice president of Srepco, a Dayton electronics firm. Other officers are Mike Stimac, president; James Smiley, vice president; Columbus Attorney Theodore Saker, secretary and Brother R. Thompson, treasurer.

Lassiter, now president and chairman of the board of Executive Jet Aviation, Inc., of Columbus, whose 25-year Air Force career ranged from flying P-38s and B-29s in World War II to chief of the USAF command post at Air Force headquarters.

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