Travel Trivia (excerpt)

Date: February 4, 1990
Location: Tyler, TX
Newspaper: The Tyler Courier-Times
Page: 70

You can gamble on the Isle of Man without joining a club or having credentials from Vegas. Check it out.

One who checked it out the Isle of Man back in October is world-gadder George E. Haddaway, whose other home is at Hide-A-Way Lake in Smith County. The pioneer aviation publisher who openly celebrated his 80th birthday last year was on Isle of Man with his wife Doris, and they discovered among other things that the local British postoffice uses an “X” to indicate the month of October in the cancellation.

As chairman emeritus of Wings of Hope, Haddaway continually is able to direct attention to the aviation charity which is located in St. Louis, and had its start during the famine year 1961 in Africa.

Wings of Hope was not called that initially when two airline pilots bought a plane and flew it to the Turkhana Desert that year, for use as a medical missionary transport.

In mid-1989, aircraft No. 87 in the WOH program was delivered to Tanzania. At about that same time, some of Haddaway’s friends decided to recognize his birthday with new contributions to WOH, and at last count over 135 individuals had said “happy birthday, George” to the tune of over $50,000.

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