Pam Took Flying Lesson

Date: September 7, 1967
Location: Xenia, OH
Newspaper: Xenia Daily Gazette
Page: 12

Pam Robinson is in Atlantic City this week representing her home state, Ohio — the birthplace of aviation. And it was in this capacity that Miss Ohio took her first member, flying lesson Friday before her departure. Mike Stimac, pilot and president of United Missions Air Training and Transport Inc. (UMATT), the Dayton-based “Flying Peace Corps”, was her instructor. Pam, termed UMATT’s most glamorous, has volunteered many hours at UMATT through promotion, publicity and support. Her desire to be a pilot also has contributed to the organization, UMATT officials said. UMATT’s purpose is to use the airplane in developing countries around the world on a people-to-people foreign assistance program. Its fleet of six planes has, for the last six years, served the nations of Africa, South America and Latin America which has a lack of communication and transportation with the outside world. Wings for Peace planes have helped develop schools, operate irrigation projects, and provide medicine and doctors for hospitals.

CAPTION: CITY MANAGER Karl E. Lehr, Mayor Olive H. Huston and Miss Ohio, Pam Robinson, stand before a UMATT plane at the Central State University air strip.

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