Mission Volunteers are Non-Catholics

Date: December 9, 1966
Location: Little Rock, AR
Newspaper: Arkansas Catholic
Page: 9

Dayton, Ohio – Craig Hafner, 28, a pilot who recently served two years in Tanzania as a Peace Corps Volunteer, plus to return to Africa next year as a member of UMATT, United Missionary Air Training and Transport. His bride of three months, Jill, will accompany him.

The Hafners are not Catholics, but are currently enrolled in Front Line, the Society of Mary’s lay missionary training program at the University of Dayton. UMATT, initiated and sponsored by the Cincinnati Province of Marianists, serves Protestant as well as Catholic mission outposts throughout East Africa.

Hafner said he was so impressed by Africa during his Peace Corps tour that he wished to return. While in Africa, he met Brother Michael Stimac, S.M., UMATT’s top field representative at Nairobi, Kenya, a key figure in establishing the flying missionary network. Subsequently, Hafner decided to join the program.

The couple enrolled in the Front Line training course, founded and directed at the University of Dayton by Father Philip C. Hoelle, S.M.

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