Max Conrad Delivers Plane for Mission

Date: June 11, 1965
Location: Los Angeles
Newspaper: The Tidings
Page: 11

ROME – (NC) – Max Conrad, noted “flying grandfather,” said his Marianist Brother copilot have left here on the last leg of a 9,000-mile flight from the U.S. to deliver a new plane to the African missions.

The single-engine Cessna 206 belongs to the newly organized United Missionary Air Training and transport (U.M.A.T.T.).

During their short stay in Rome, Pope Paul VI granted an audience to Conrad and Brother Michael Stimac, S.M., and blessed the new organization on behalf of the Kenya and east African missions.

U.M.A.T.T. will send planes to needy missions on request, particularly those in large, sparsely populated areas.

Its services, including a year’s maintenance, have the backing of 250 industrial concerns, including a large segment of the U.S. aircraft industry, Brother Stimac said.

The two left Rome June 6 after Conrad made a solo flight across the Atlantic. Conrad will fly the aircraft over mission routes in Kenya and other parts of east Africa to initiate U.M.A.T.T. services.

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