“Flying Peace Corps” Plane To Arrive Here Tomorrow

Date: May 24, 1965
Location: Dayton, OH
Newspaper: The Journal Herald
Page: 30

The first palne in a “flying peace corps” to be based in Dayton will take off for Cox municipal airport from St. Louis tomorrow at 11 a.m.

The Cessna 206 Skywagon, en route to Nairobi, Kenya, will make a stop in Rome for ceremonies in which it is hoped Pope Paul VI will give the plane a papal blessing.

The craft is the first of three initial planes planned for United Missionary Air Training and transport (UMATT) with headquarters at the University of Dayton.

UMATT’s program of providing air service to missionaries of all faiths who are working to help Africans is being co-ordinated by the Marianists here. Bro. Thomas Dwyer, SM, is in charge of the program.

The plane is scheduled to arrive here at 2 p.m. piloted by Max Conrad, “the flying grandfather” who holds the world’s long distance flight record. Conrad is 63 and the father of 10 children.

From Dayton, Conrad will fly the plane to new York City for two days, leaving here at 5 p.m. tomorrow. He will then go to Boston, Shannon, Ireland, and Rome before arriving in Nairobi on June 10.

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