Editor, Aviatrix Head New York City UMATT

Date: December 10, 1967
Location: Dayton, OH
Newspaper: Dayton Daily News
Page: 10-D

The editor of an aviation magazine and a noted aviatrix have been names to spearhead the New York City UMATT – Wings for Peace committee by the organization’s board of trustees here.

Joining the team of United Missions Air Training and Transport Inc. (UMATT) are Robert Parke, editor of “Flying,” and Mrs. Selma Cronan, recent winner of the Lady Drummond Hay aviation award and writer of children’s aviation books.

Parke is considered one of the most widely read and respected voices in general aviation today.

Mrs. Cronan has spent 24 years in aviation as a writer, pilot, researcher and member of the International 99’s.

She and Parke have been actively involved in UMATT projects. The organization sponsors a fleet of six aircraft serving six nations in East Africa.

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